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Forest Bathing with Ya Doma

Welcome to Ya Doma!

Ya Doma Nature and Forest Therapy gives you the freedom to experience your inner and outer world like you never have before.

It is an opportunity for you to slow down and be guided to a state where you are quiet enough to hear the language of your heart.

Nature is the perfect backdrop for quietening the mind and tuning inward to hear your truth, to see a path, to find a new perspective, to decompress, sit in peace and awe, to come to a revelation, or any other myriad of amazing fortuities.

Whether you are ready to transform your life or you want to experience the beautiful forests of Harrison Hot Springs, BC and area, then Ya Doma Nature and Forest Therapy invites you to experience something new. 

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What is Forest Therapy?

Forest Therapy is a mindful experience of slowing down and being in the moment. 

It is a simple open-ended practice that creates a different experience every time you go out in to nature. 

In a Forest Therapy walk, your guide takes you through a structured experience with clearly defined sequence of invitations. 

Forest Trees

Health and Wellness Benefits

Forest Therapy has the potential to alleviate what ails you in mind, body and spirit.

In every walk with nature one receives far more than one seeks.

John Muir

Green Forest

Nature Experiences for Everyone

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Public Forest Therapy Walks

Experience a walk with others

Private Walks

A customized walk for individuals, groups, families, and businesses

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As a Practice

Listening to your Inner Voice

Forest Fun

Playing Exploring Imagining

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