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Misty Sunbeams


The key ingredient to our health

The key ingredient to forest bathing is Phytoncides. Phytoncides are an organic chemical compound that are released by trees as a defense mechanism towards viruses, fungi and bacteria. When trees emit phytoncides in the air the trees benefit as do we.

We bathe in these amazing smells as they seep into our bodies and lungs. Because we evolved with the trees so did our immune systems. Our bodies use these phytoncides for the same reason the trees do-to boost our immune system; to keep us healthy.

Our immune system has Natural Killer Cells (NK Cells) roaming our bodies on a mission to find cells that are not welcome and destroy them.

When we bathe in phytoncides, NK Cells increase in numbers and in activity. NK Cells fight off immune busting diseases such as cancer, lupis, muscular sclerosis, etc. Exposure to phytoncides has lasting effects on NK Cells for up to 7 days and longer. 

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