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Cherry Blossoms

Shinrin Yoku
(Forest Bathing)

A Japanese Practice for health, wellbeing and happiness

Shinrin Yoku is a Japanese practice of bathing in the ambiance of the forest. The scent of the damp soil, the shades of all the greens, the symphony of sounds of the forest, the tastes of the clean air and the varied textures between our fingers give us a sense of comfort, and are beneficial to our entire being. Nature rejuvenates, re-energizes and resets us. Taking in nature through our senses opens us up to receive the numerous health benefits for body, mind and spirit.

When Japan transitioned to a more urbanized culture during the 1980's people's health and well-being were declining. The Japanese noticed high rates of death, autoimmune disease, high blood pressure, depression and anxiety. They researched how to remedy this growing health problem and concluded that immersion in nature helped reverse the trend of poor mental and physical health.

As Shinrin Yoku was regularly practiced, psychological and physiological heath started to improve. Shinrin Yoku became a pivotal part of preventative health care and healing in the Japanese medical system. Certified forest therapy trails can be found in Japan with certified therapists and guides.

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