Why do I need a Guide?

Human beings are Human doings. We excel at the doing part of life and even better at worrying and stressing about what it is we are doing or not doing. What we need assistance with is the 'being' part. Humans in todays urbanized, technological and fast paced world have trouble slowing down, relaxing and just being.

Yes, you can most definitely go forest bathing on your own and is strongly encouraged. However, a guide will take you out of your busy mind and back in to your body and help open up your senses to the natural world. Guides create and hold space just for you and your journey in the moment. Guides help create an experience in the forest so can truly let go and lose yourself to nature.

Opportunities to connect and reconnect are facilitated through gentle invitations throughout the walk. Once the doors are open, the forest will give you what you need and perhaps experience gratitude and reciprocity. 

Nature and Forest Therapy, and experience positive change.