Reconnect with your True Nature

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3 Hour Private Guided Walk

Experience a 3 hour Forest Therapy walk amidst the Coastal Rainforests of Harrison Hot Springs. You will be guided to slow down, become embodied and awaken your senses. Once in a place to receive, you will connect with nature and yourself in a new way.

Moments of silence, solitude, and sharing are the foundation of this enriching experience both individually and for the collective. The end of the walk will have you feeling relaxed with a sense of clarity and belonging with yourself and as a whole.

Please note pricing will vary:

$50 per person for 2 or more.

$75.00 1:1

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2 Hour Guided Walk (Public and Private)

Glean all the physiological and psychological health and wellness benefits from this 2-hour guided walk. You will immerse your senses in the ambiance of the coastal rainforests of Harrison. Invitations and opportunities to share are the foundation of these walks.

Please note pricing will vary:

Public Walk on Saturdays 12:00 to 2:00

$35.00 per person

Private Walk

$40.00 per person for 2 or more

$65.00 1:1

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Orb of Awareness
(1 hr walk)

Take a mini Forest Therapy Walk to replace your hectic world with one of clarity. Settle into your body and refocus your attention on the natural world around you. Practice moving your orb of awareness to a place of tranquility throughout this one-hour walk. You will leave this experience feeling centered,  reconnected, and renewed.

$25.00 per person.

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Forest Fun

Not to be confused with "Forced" Fun. Forest Fun is intended to bring families, children, and friends of all ages together in a fun, inquisitive, and playful way. Come play outside, learn some new games, and learn more about yourself. Pack some water and a snack for a small picnic after the play is done. Ideal for families, playdates, and parties.

Please note pricing will vary.

Public Walk is on Sundays

11:30 am to 1:30 pm $15.00 per person

Private Walk

$20.00 per person  

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Night Sky Meditation

Immerse your senses and lose yourself in this 1-hour meditative experience designed to connect you with nature and your inner self; followed by a 30-minute sharing circle. 

Every first and third Thursday evening of the month at the east side of the Harrison Lagoon.

9:00 - 10:30 pm.

Please bring items to keep you warm and comfortable such as a yoga mat, blanket, tea, jacket etc.

Donations are welcome.

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Finding Your True Nature

Integrate the wisdom gleaned from your forest therapy walks into your daily life to find your path to purpose and authenticity.

In a committed group setting, we will share our stories and our experiences over an 8 week period. Learn the tools to slow down and appreciate the life that is yours and all that surrounds you. Align with your inner self to find the answers within. Sit in the stillness to hear the language of your heart to find your True Self so you can live with authenticity. 
The course includes: 28 hours of Forest Therapy Walks, which are compromised of:
                                  8-  3 hr. group sessions 
                                  2-  2 hour one on one forest therapy walk mentoring 
                                  co-created implementation plan
                                  zoom mentoring
Additional walks within the 8-week course are available upon request with a 10% discount.
Days and Times will vary depending on the participants.

$600.00 per person.

Up to 8 participants per course

  • Hire Ya Doma to facilitate a walk for your retreat.

    Prices will vary