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Finding Your Inner Nature

Calming, Clearing, Receiving Clarity

Forest Therapy Walks bring you back to who you really are. Guided walks have this ability and power to peel the layers of what weighs you down and brings clarity to your mind and a lightness to your heart. When used as a practice, forest therapy can transform your self and your life. 

Listening to your heart is difficult amongst the pressures and busyness of everyday life; a life perhaps that you may be unsure of. Are you living your truth? Are you ready to reconnect and find out what it is?  Maybe you know your truth but you are unsure of your want guidance along the way.

Well, the answers you seek are already within you. The secret is to slow down, still your mind and open yourself to your senses. Ya Doma Nature and Forest Therapy will guide you when you are ready for the doors to be openned so the forest can give you what you need. See what the practice of Forest Therapy will do for you.

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