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Cold Water Immersion and Breath Work

Cold water immersion and breathwork have a multitude of physiological and psychological benefits to your health and well-being. I have been practicing the Wim Hof technique since March 2019. I received my first introductory training from a certified Wim Hof instructor. Due to my own personal and ethical reasons, I offer my knowledge and support by donation until I am certified.

Combat your own conditioning and fear

The Wim Hof breathing technique and cold water immersion consciously connect with the reptilian part of our brain where we can control the brain over body consciousness. Tapping into this part of our minds we can truly trust our judgment based on intuition and instinct. Recondition your mind and body to tap into your true power. 

In Peace and Rest

After your cold water immersion, you will have more energy yet feel more at ease. The brain and heart are connected neurologically and so your decreased heart rate impacts your mood, decreasing anxiety. In peace and rest, your brain regulates and more blood flows deeper into it. When the blood reaches your limbic system, it is possible to achieve a level of deep meditation that only seasoned mindfulness practitioners achieve. This is the power of the mind opening up, of learning how to control the blood flow into the deeper parts of the brain.

Reducing Inflammation and Reversing Disease

Inflammation of the body promotes the onset of illness and disease. The power of the breath has been found to reduce inflammation and it is free! Regular breath work can have you reduce your medications and possibly eliminate them from your daily regime. Wim Hof breathing and water immersion has proven to reverse disease. Consult a doctor for your unique situation.

Vascular Fitness

We have approximately 100,000 kms of veins, arteries, and capillaries in our bodies. Our vascular system has millions of tiny muscles that contract and expand our vascular channels in reaction to temperature. This system protects us from the cold and heat to stay within our normal body temperature range. Exposure to the cold, exercises and tones these muscles. When our vascular system is not exercised, our heart pumps harder, deeper and stronger to get the blood flowing causing undue stress on our bodies. This in conjunction with a poor diet, exercise, and lifestyle is why cardiovascular disease is so prominent and the number one killer in our society.

The Life Force of Breath

The power of the breath can have us access the autonomous processes of the brain. Previously thought to be inaccessible, we can now grow our perspective on the human capacity to deal with mood regulation, depression, trauma, and fear. Connected to the deeper part of our brains, we become one with this life force and we can change our chemistry.


The most powerful accomplishment one can achieve is the stillness of the mind. It is only within the stillness of the mind is where you can move from your external world into your internal landscape and programming. In the absence of thought, stillness will bring feelings into alignment with your inner true Self. It is in the place where your true power can manifest.

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