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Why do I need a Forest Therapy Guide?

Everyone inherently knows how to forest bathe. We did it for 99.99% of our lives on earth. We evolved from the forests and it is only in that last few 100 years where we have moved away from nature and in to our modern world. It is within the last couple of decades where the fast paced world we live in has further removed us from the real antidote to all of our problems. Modern society secretly enforces stresses on us that infiltrate our bodies, minds and soul to the point where we don't even know it until we find a place of solitude. With the distractions gone, we realize what we are doing to ourselves and how we are living.

A certified Forest Therapy Guide can help you get back to a place of nurture by opening up your senses. It may be hard for some to practice on their own as their awareness tends to wander back in to the chaos and clutter. A guide will continually bring you back to your senses and to the moment. In turn, you will learn to be still enough to quiet the mind, bring your awareness to the moment and be open to receive.

A guide

  • is familiar with the trails and the surroundings

  • organizes and orchestrates group walks for you to experience a walk with other people. Walking with other people enriches your experience in many ways from feelings of support to bringing up any discomforts from within

  • creates invitations for you to connect with nature

  • creates the space for you and your journey and provides an experience that allows you to reach far deeper than what you expected

  • can give you tips, support and resources after your walk

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